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Daniel Riels Tribute - 10/5/2010
CN/NS MidAmerica Corridor - 2/10/2009

Good News for Fulton

CN and Norfolk Southern Corporation announced today an initiative to create a "MidAmerica Corridor" in which the railroads will share track between Chicago, St. Louis, Kentucky, and Mississippi to establish shorter and faster routes for merchandise and coal traffic moving between the Midwest and Southeast.


This initiative, when finalized through definitive agreements, will have three components. First, Norfolk Southern (NS) will haul CN freight between Chicago and St. Louis, reducing the distance between these points for CN shipments by 60 miles and providing improved connections to other rail carriers through the St. Louis gateway.


Second, NS will use CN’s routes between St. Louis and Fulton, Ky., as part of a new, more efficient route from the Midwest to the Southeast, saving more than 50 miles on NS shipments.


Third, CN will haul NS freight between Chicago and Fulton, shortening NS’s Chicago-to-Birmingham route by almost 100 miles.


As part of the MidAmerica Corridor, CN and NS plan to create a new coal gateway at Corinth, Miss., to better link NS-served southeastern utility plants with CN-served Illinois Basin coal producers.


A key component of the new initiative is the West Tennessee Railroad between Fulton and Corinth, which will be upgraded to handle heavier shipments and additional rail traffic.


Editors: Downloadable map illustrating the MidAmerica corridor is available by clicking on the link http://www.nscorp.com/nscorphtml/pdf/CN_NS.pdf.


E. Hunter Harrison, president and chief executive officer of CN, said: "This innovative track-sharing arrangement will expedite our customers’ shipments, improve asset utilization and generate new efficiencies for both CN and NS."


Wick Moorman, chief executive officer of Norfolk Southern, said: "The MidAmerica Corridor is an important partnership that will create better routes for shippers on both railroads. On the Norfolk Southern system, it will help level demand on our busy north-south routes, while improving service and velocity for many more customers."


The initiative will be finalized with the completion of definitive agreements and approval for the exchange of trackage rights with the U.S. Surface Transportation Board in the next few months



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174.26 - Notice to train crews.

  (a) The train crew must have a document that reflects the current position in the train of each rail car containing a hazardous material.

The train crew must update the document to indicate changes in the placement of a rail car within the train. For example, the train crew may update the document by handwriting on it or by appending or attaching another document to it.

  (b) A member of the crew of a train transporting a hazardous material must have a copy of a document for the hazardous material being transported showing the information required by part 172 of this subchapter.